Resort Management

A Northwest Wisconsin Vacation Rental & Resort Management Company

Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. specializes in managing both resorts and private properties in Northwest Wisconsin.

Resort Management Services

In addition to managing the rentals of individual homes and cabins, Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. also offers management services for Resorts and Associations in the Cable and Hayward Area.

We currently manage Grand Pines Resort with 20 cabins and 10 motel rooms on Round Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Vacation Home Rental Services

Due to high demand for quality vacation home rentals, we are seeking additional inventory such as luxury lake homes in the Area that have special appeal, an abundance of amenities, extra conveniences and great locations that guests will enjoy.

Tired of the hands-on management of your rental property or dealing directly with prospects and guests? Let Recreational Rental Properties, Inc.’s 25 years of experience in vacation rental management make it easy to own a vacation property in the Hayward/Cable area.

We deal directly with prospects and renters, saving you time and worry over marketing your rental property, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, and responding to guest complaints. Our professional management company brings know-how and experience to your property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your rental is in good hands.

Recreational Rental Properties, Inc.’s professional property management services are many.

  1. We are in business to protect you and your investment while providing a return on your investment to offset the cost of owning the property.
  2. We specialize in providing the highest levels of professional and courteous customer service for every owner and guest. We have a property manager available 24/7.
  3. We care about each and every property and we strive to meet each Owner’s specific needs so they can also feel comfortable that their property is in the right hands.
  4. Our mission is to provide an exceptional vacation experience for paying customers so they return frequently and recommend our company to their friends and colleagues resulting in more bookings.
  5. We have a local, professional presence that can respond immediately to guests and owners needs, 24-7, so we can handle problems that may arise quickly.
  6. We provide free consultation to owners on matters of furnishing the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be a frequently requested vacation home.
  7. We know the competitive rental rates based on market demand and we know how to adjust them to maximize your revenues even during slow seasons.
  8. We have high quality standards for our housekeeping and monitor our standards continuously so our guests remain happy and feel comfortable.
  9. We work directly with the Wisconsin Department of Health to keep permits and licenses current.
  10. We invest in many forms of Internet advertising to promote our rental homes and generate more rentals.
  11. We continuously update our website to keep it fresh, informative and appealing to the huge market of online vacation seekers so that more people use the site and link to it to increase its standings in online searches.
  12. We implement aggressive SEO techniques to keep our website and advertising at the forefront of web searches.
  13. We use sophisticated property management software and websites to manage reservations, listings and promotions for your property making our operations more efficient than other companies.
  14. We take professional looking photographs and virtual tours of your property and create detailed listings that describe the features of both the property and the surrounding area and amenities so guests feel more comfortable and informed and choose our properties over others.
  15. We have an existing client database of over 6000 guests.
  16. We handle all aspects of the reservations: rental contracts, confirmation correspondence, directions, payment methods, sales taxes and accounting related to your property so you don’t have to worry about the details.
  17. We send you detailed monthly revenue reporting and your rental remuneration within the first week of each month for the prior month’s rental activity so you have your rental money quickly.
  18. We prepare and manage the filing of local, county and Wisconsin State sales taxes for you each month at the correct tax rate so you comply with local tax laws.
  19. We prepare your 1099 tax forms at the end of every year to make it easy for you to file your rental property taxes.
  20. We can manage all facets of your property maintenance needs by coordinating with local vendors and subcontractors so you don’t have to.

What are the management fees?

  1. Our property management fee is 40% of monthly rental revenues. Our management fee includes the following services: marketing and advertising of properties via our web site (, listings on additional travel-related web sites, print marketing (brochures, visitor guides, magazine ads, snowmobile and ski trail maps), and chamber of commerce and visitor bureau memberships; servicing of all reservation inquires (email, web site and phone); collection of all fees and rents; serving as point of contact for renter questions or complaints; collection and submission of state sales tax and town room taxes (if applicable); coordinating cleaning, maintenance or repair of properties; and providing monthly activity reports to homeowners.

What are Recreational Rental Properties, Inc.’s responsibilities for my property?

  1. Providing the tasks and services associated with using your property as a short term vacation home and informing the Owner of any issues with the home. The management fees cover all activities associated with these tasks with exception to routine maintenance and home repairs. Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. can coordinate any or all maintenance and repairs but the costs for these are not included in the management fee.
  2. Adjusting rental rates to meet market demands.
  3. Managing and coordinating all access to the property.
  4. Preparing and submitting all monthly rental remuneration and annual 1099 forms.
  5. Preparing and paying applicable lodging sales taxes and credit card merchant fees.
  6. All Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. promotions and advertising.
  7. Providing emergency service call support for guests.
  8. Communicating with the Owner on any and all issues that fall outside of the daily property management responsibilities that may affect rentals or require an Owner authorization.

What are Owners responsible for?

Owners are responsible for:

  1. Paying their monthly mortgage, utilities, insurance, HOA fees and other obligations associated with owning the home.
  2. Providing landlord insurance for their property and providing us a copy of it, to ensure they are thoroughly protected during guest rentals.
  3. Furnishing the home with the basic required inventory items in the Recreational Rental Properties, Inc.’s Property Management contract plus any additional added amenities that would increase the homes desirability.
  4. Ensuring the home is in full operating condition prior to the first reservation. Some examples are: installing and activating all utilities, ensuring all mechanical systems are in good working order, ensuring all furnishings and inventory items are in place, etc.
  5. Providing basic maintenance on the home to keep it in good working condition and looking fresh, such as quarterly pest control, A/C filter changes, periodic grounds maintenance, etc.
  6. Providing repairs or replacements for items and inventory resulting from normal wear and tear. Damages, repairs or inventory replacement resulting specifically from a Guest’s negligence are paid for by the Guest through the damage security deposit.

Owners are welcome to use a service provider of their choice for any of the tasks above or may elect to contract Recreational Rental Properties, Inc. to coordinate or provide any or all of these services.

Recreational Rental Properties, Inc.’s property management services make vacation rentals a convenient and pleasurable experience for both the home owners and guests. We have been in the job of making it easy to own a vacation property in the Hayward/Cable area for over 25 years.